Training Staff


Isaiah Akka Escobedo - Founder

2x Reigning 1v1 American Panna Champion

Top 16 1v1 Worldwide Panna 

Reigning 2v2 American Panna Champion

Reigning Best American Street Soccer Player


Kalif Alhassan

Professional Career Spanning 12 years

Portland Timbers FC 2010 - 2014, 93 Matches

5 Major League Soccer (MLS) Goals - PTFC

U17 & U20 Ghana National Team 

Ghana Premier League - Liberty Professionals (LPFC) 2007


Ellie Schmid

NCAA Divison I Portland State Women's Soccer

Northwest Premier League (NWPL) 2016-Present 

NCAA Luther College 2017 Leader in Goals and Points

Clark College 2016 All-Star

About the Street Soccer Dojo

Street Soccer Dojo

Our Street Soccer Dojo program focuses around ball mastery and total body control. Through the Dojo athletes will learn street soccer based skills in a premiere training environment. Athletes will gain knowledge of technical skills applicable to both the pitch and court. Each week at the Street Soccer Dojo athletes will have a ball at their feet the entire hour. The Dojo has three major components during each weekly class.

  1. Soccercise  - During this portion of the class, we will be focusing on ball handling skills such as dribbling and juggling. Soccercise provides thousands of touches in a fast paced environment. The athlete will learn to utilize multiple parts of their feet and body to control and master the ball. 
  2. Ole Time - This segment of the class will have weekly focus on specific skills that develop athletes ability to maneuver out of pressure. The intent is to provide the player with a comprehensive skill set, applicable to both the field and court. 
  3. Panna - The last portion of Dojo will consist of 1v1 Panna (nutmeg) challenges, where the athlete will have the opportunity to attempt their newly found "ole time" skills. 


Our development curriculum is heavily influenced by street soccer, groundmoves, panna and freestyle. At Elite Technique we foster creativity and encourage freedom in a competitive and exciting environment. 

Elite Technique - Street Soccer Dojo