"Nothing out there that can compare"

" ... the touch skills and creative technique that are much needed to compete within todays futsal and soccer world. She has gained the confidence and ready to use her street knowledge in any game!"

"She's making other girls look silly"

"My daughters coach came up to me and told me he has noticed a big change in her ball control and that this is the best he's seen her practice and play. She is making girls look silly dribbling around them. I just wanted to let you know we have seen her improvement dramatically."

"World class confidence"

"My kids game has risen to the next level. The technical skill set attained at the Street Soccer Dojo has become evident in our kids ability to evade defenders in their games. This program is exactly what this region needs for youth technical development."

"It is so fun to watch her on the field"

I can't say enough about how much you have impacted our girls...confidence with the ball is now amazing! Transition from rec to academy was hard and her confidence totally dropped. After training with you, it is so fun to watch her on the field again running the show!!!