Frequently Asked Questions


What is Street Soccer?

Street Soccer is a style of soccer that demands skill, precision, and creativity in an environment where ball mastery is key. Street soccer challenges players to use ball handling in an unconventional way. 

The term street soccer emerged from playing soccer on the street, where many of the best soccer players around the world got their start. Nowadays, the street soccer concept applies more as an informal game style rather than street play only. 

What is Panna?

Commonly know in North America as a "Nutmeg", Panna is a skill based game where the objective is to pass the ball between your opponents feet. 

Panna’s must be on purpose, while on offense. The ball must completely cross past defenders plain of legs/feet (like outdoor soccer, ball must completely cross line) for it to be counted. If player shoots at goal and ball passes between opponents legs, it does not count. If defender proactively lifts foot up before ball breaks plain of legs, than Panna is not given and play continues. 1v1's are the popular form of play but Panna can be enjoyed as 2v2's and 3v3's.

What is the Street Soccer Dojo?

Our Street Soccer Dojo program focuses around ball mastery and total body control. Through the Dojo athletes will learn street soccer based skills in a premiere training environment. Become one with the ball at Elite Technique's Street Soccer Dojo, ole!

What age groups are available?

Elite Technique trains athletes of all ages, although the focus is the development of youth ages 5-14. 

Why play Street Soccer?

Street soccer allows athletes to play with unregulated creativity and freedom. It enables players to use their advanced technical skills to evade pressure and maintain posession both on the futsal court and soccer pitch. 

How do I sign up?

We have classes available for all levels of skill and experience. Class placement is under the discretion of Elite Technique, we place athletes in appropriate environments.